Katana Roll 9.50 White tuna, eel, avocado and spicy mayo, baked then topped with eel sauce

Little Tree Roll 7.50 Fresh water eel, avocado, California mix and eel sauce

Samurai Roll 9.50 Tuna, avocado, eel and garlic mayo, baked then topped with eel sauce

Shellfish Roll 9.50 King crab, shrimp, krab, avocado, cucumber and spicy sprouts topped with basil pesto

Two Flavor Roll 7.50 California roll topped with garlic and spicy mayo then baked

Spicy Hawaiian Mix Roll 6.25 Assorted Hawaiian fish cooked, with spicy mayo and avocado

Lo-Carb-Roll 8.50 Tuna, white tuna, salmon, asparagus and cream cheese then tempura fried

The Mad Chef Roll 7.00 California Roll dipped in tempura batter then tempura fried.

Spicy Octopus Roll 6.50 Sliced octopus and spicy mayo sauce with avocado

Philly Roll 7.25 Smoked salmon, smelt roe, avocado and cream cheese.

Harley Roll 7.75 Tuna, avocado and moochie paste – very spicy

Rice Crispy 8.00 Tuna, avocado, spicy creamy sauce and scallions rolled in tempura flakes

Main Street Roll 8.50 Spicy tuna, eel, avocado and eel sauce with smelt roe

Tattoo Roll 8.00 Spicy yellowtail, avocado, pickled radish, moochie paste with smelt roe – very spicy

Blue Ribbon Roll 8.50 Lobster salad, cucumber, chopped cilantro and mint leaves with black tobiko

Alaskan Pipe 9.25 Tuna, krab, spicy creamy sauce, cucumber, avocado and eel sauce

Futomaki 10.00 Krab, cucumber, pickled radish, sweet gourd and sweet egg

Wow Roll 10.00 2 Shrimp tempura, chilli tuna and avocado with smelt roe outside

King Kong Roll 10.00 2 Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, spicy mayo and eel sauce

Godzilla Roll 12.50 Soft shell crab, tuna, eel, smelt roe, pickled radish, avocado, spicy sauce and eel sauce

Dragon Roll 20.00 Shrimp tempura, cucumber and spicy mayo rolled in tempura flakes and topped with eel and avocado

Rainbow Roll 16.00 7 Kinds of fish (chef’s choice) wrapped around a California Roll

This is It 15.00 Tuna, eel, shrimp tempura, avocado, scallions and spicy mayo then tempura fried