• Edamame – Soybean pods served with or without salt. 5.00
  • Ebi Tempura – An assortment of shrimp and vegetables lightly tempura fried. Served with our special homemade tempura sauce. 7.50 Vegetables only 4.75
  • Shumai – Japanese steamed dumplings served in our sweet udon broth. Wasabi pork or shrimp. 5.25
  • Gyoza – Fried or steamed Japanese pot stickers with pork and vegetable filling served with our homemade gyoza sauce. 5.75
  • Lettuce Wrap – Your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or seafood. Sautéed in hoisin sauce with Asian vegetables. 8.95


  • Sunomono – Thinly sliced cucumbers and seaweed with our sweet vinaigrette dressing. 2.50 Add King Crab, Shrimp or Octopus. 5.75
  • Ginger Salad – A medley of greens, cucumbers, carrots, daikon radish sprouts and tomatoes. Served with our homemade ginger dressing. Small 3.50 Large 7.00 with grilled chicken 11.00 or grilled shrimp 13.00
  • Ahi Tuna – Blackened Australian Ahi Tuna seared to perfection with an amazing honey wasabi sauce served over mixed sesame soy sauce. 15.00


  • Beef, Chicken or Salmon Teriyaki – New York strip steak tender chicken or fresh Norwegian salmon grilled then glazed with our homemade teriyaki sauce. Beef 13.95 Chicken 10.95 or Salmon 14.95
  • Seafood Tempura – A delightful assortment of shrimp, crab, scallops, squid and vegetable lightly tempura fried. Served with our homemade tempura sauce 16.25
  • Japanese Curry Rice – Choice of panko chicken, panko pork, or sirloin burger with Japanese golden curry sauce served with steamed rice. 10.25


  • Miso – Traditional Japanese soybean soup made fresh daily with wakame, tofu and green onions. 3.50